This video provides solution to resolve the charging failure issue when the system is in low power status (common problem for MTK devices), (video tutorial).

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  1. 1. Download A1000FixToo.exe from here:
    • 1. Download A1000FixToo.exe from here:

    • 2. Download MT65xx preloader drivers from here:

    • 3. Open Device Manager, A1000FixTool.

    • 4. Connect a USB cable to the computer.

    • 5. Press and hold the "Volume Up" key on the tablet.

    • 6. Connect the micro USB to the tablet.

    • 7. When you see !MT56xx preloader, choose it and update the Driver.

    • 8. When the driver installation is finished, the A1000FixTool will find and fix the tablet quickly.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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when i folllow ur steps, in device manager dont show up mt56xx but a1000 g, then i update they said update not avalaible...

ranggi ferdion - Yanıt

Hi I use windows xp I'm not PC savvy ive got fix it tool installed but driver won't open I don't no what to doomed evict manager opens and device not detected or MT5 not popping up ,daughters tablet vibrates only totally dead not charge to, Is xp different?

Gill - Yanıt

Sorry abt typos

I don't no what to do Device manager opens but nothing detected

Gill - Yanıt

It turns on but not showing home screen just lenovo when it starts and screen freeze's

Rohit Londhe - Yanıt

wat i should do for windows 10?

thangaveluhari - Yanıt

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