The scanner unit allows the user to scan documents onto their computer and/or copy and print original document.



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  1. Locate data USB cable.
    • Locate data USB cable.

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  2. Locate the end of the cable that plugs into the printer.
    • Locate the end of the cable that plugs into the printer.

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    • Insert this cable end to the port in the leftmost edge behind the printer where there is a rectangular indent.

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    • Locate the USB end of the cable. Insert that end into your computer.

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    • Turn wireless connection on your computer off and on. Sometimes doing this step is needed to have a connection.

    • Check the network to make sure the computer and printer are connected to the same network.

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    • Make sure "Demo Mode" is turned OFF. Locate LED control panel and select "Setup". From there locate "Demo Mode" and turn it off.

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    • Move the printer close to the router to ensure a strong connection.

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    • Make sure the transparent cover is clean. If not, wipe the glass screen with a polishing cloth. If there is still debris on the glass, try spraying it with a cleaning solution and wiping it again.

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    • If the print not is not clear, make sure the original document is flat on the glass. If the print out is still not clear, try finding a clearer version of your original document.

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    • If above steps do not solve the problem, try re-installing the drive for the printer.

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Once your connection is set and that the screen is clear of any debris, you should be able to scan, copy and print documents.

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