Has your jacket turned a little bit loopy? A loop of thread that has come loose on your Nano Puff ® jacket can lead to runs, snags, and unraveled stitching. Keep your loose threads from getting out of hand with this easy technique.

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  1. Examine the damage, ensuring that the loose stitching is, in fact, a loop.
    • Examine the damage, ensuring that the loose stitching is, in fact, a loop.

    • This procedure will only work for a loop of stitching. If your stitching is torn, resulting in a loose thread, check out our stitching repair guide.

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  2. Grab a needle threader.
    • Grab a needle threader.

    • The thin metal ones with a thin diamond-shaped wire work best.

    • Turn your jacket to the backside, directly below the loose loop of stitching.

    • Insert the wire on the needle threader through the lining fabric to the front side of the jacket.

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    • Turn the jacket over to the outside.

    • Check that the wire diamond on the needle threader is poking up through the jacket as close to the loose loop of thread as possible.

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    • Carefully pull the loose thread through the diamond of wire on the needle threader.

    • Slide the thread up to the top bend in the wire.

    • The thread should get caught in the top bend of the wire. If it is not caught, gently squeeze the top bend in the wire to catch the thread.

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    • Pull the needle threader back out of the jacket.

    • The loose thread should get caught between the lining and the outer layer of the jacket, and should not be visible on either side of the jacket.

    • If you accidentally pull the thread through to the outside of the lining, simply pull the lining and the outer fabric of the jacket away from each other until the loop is drawn to the interior.

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Thanks! This looks very helpful. Do you literally push the loop of the diamond wire through the jacket material? Do I need to make a hole with a needle?

It must work, but it seems that it would damage the jacket.

Scott - Yanıt

Works like a charm, would also work on sleeping bags etc. just repaired a down jacket and a nano puff shirt. Awesome

jennyburkinshaw - Yanıt

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