My power button had become unresponsive and seeing as the device is no longer covered by warranty I decided to replace it myself, if you're in the same situation I hope that this guide will help you out!

  1. If your power button is malfunctioning this is what you need to replace it!
    • If your power button is malfunctioning this is what you need to replace it!

      • A replacement power flex cable

      • A small philips heads screwdriver

      • A platsic opening tool

      • A tweezer (Not necessary but can come in handy)

      • In this guide i also use a scalpel, I simply forgot to take a picture of it, most of the work can probably be done with the opening too instead, it's just a bit trickier.

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  2. Remove the back cover, battery and sim-card, I'm sure you've done this a couple of times before.
    • Remove the back cover, battery and sim-card, I'm sure you've done this a couple of times before.

    • Remove the 6 (or 7, if your phone uses CDMA) screws that are holding the housing in place.

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    • Slide your opening tool along the edge of the housing to get it off.

      • Be careful not to use too much force, you don't want to crack this thing.

    • Once you get it off on one side, you can use your hands to gently get it off of the other.

    If you have a CDMA phone, start from the opposite side and consider trying to poke at the bottom with the opening tool.

    hope2select - Yanıt

    • Use your opening tool to get these different connectors off.

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    Spread the Fixmas cheer.


    Spread the Fixmas cheer.

    • Use a scalpel to get the glued on volume- and power button flex cables off, steady hands, you don't wanna cut the cable itself.

    • Also use the scalpel to get the vibrator out.

      • A spudger would be more suitable for this step but sadly I don't have one, so I had to make due with what I had.

    Be very careful when you put off the volume button flex cable. Keep calm and take enough time. I broke my silent volume button and use now a volume app to control the volume.

    Werner Fischer - Yanıt

    • The motherboard can now be removed, just make sure that it doesn't catch on to any of the cables whilst removing it!

    • From here you can replace several other components like both the back and front facing cameras, the proximity sensor, the earpiece or the volume button, but in this guide we're focusing on that malfunctioning power button.

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    • Use your opening tool to open the latch that holds the power button flex cable in place.

      • Make sure you open the black part of the latch, I tried prying at the brown part thinking that would open it, it didn't. No harm done though.

    • Use your tweezers to take the old flex cable out and out the new one in, this can probably be done by hand but it takes a bit of precision.

    • Don't forget to put that latch back down! (and sorry about the blurry picture)

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    • Now that the flex cable has been replaced you can put the motherboard back into the device!

      • Just make sure that this cable that you detached earlier doesn't get caught under the motherboard.

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    • Use your fingers to put the connectors, the cable and the vibrator back to the motherboard and housing.

      • You should hear a snap when attaching the connectors.

    • The coaxial cable can sometimes be a bit tricky to reattach, don't use much force, just keep trying.

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    • Use your fingers to put the flex cables back. There should be some glue left on there; if there isn't, then use a tiny bit of glue from a glue stick.

      • Make sure they look aligned.

      • Don't worry too much if the cables threaten to pop off the side; once the phone is reassembled, the case will hold the cables in place.

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    • Put the housing back on, you should hear a couple of snaps.

    • Put the screws back in, as well as your battery and sim-card.

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    • Press the just replaced power button and cross your fingers that everything will act normal.

      • Feel the rush off success flow through your body as you see that Nexus-logo gently pulsating on your amoled display!

    photo, Music and all the information inside the phone can it be saved in the phone after change the button?

    katechurinka - Yanıt

    Nothing is deleted from storage during this repair.

    Andrée -


You're all done, hope it worked out for you! :)

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Thanks! Very helpful guide.

Alex Richards - Yanıt

Much obliged. Thanks!

paulpolak - Yanıt

Thanks much. Bought the replacement button input on eBay and followed your guide, no hitches, I have a power button again!

Don Barthel - Yanıt

Thank you for your guide. Made it without any problems. Got the phone working again thanks to you.

Carlos Twose - Yanıt

kindly tell me if i lose power button Socket. then what can i do to, get back power button.. any Short cut..

hussain arif - Yanıt

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