The power and volume buttons are responsible for turning your tablet on or changing the volume of your tablet. If the tablet doesn't respond to pressing any of those buttons, it is likely that the buttons are jammed or worn out from use. In order to resolve such issues, you'll have to replace the strip that holds the power and volume buttons. This guide shows you how to replace that strip.

  1. Remove the Samsung S-Pen stylus.
    • Remove the Samsung S-Pen stylus.

    • Remove the micro SD storage card.

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  2. Using the plastic opening tool, start where the S-pen was located and carefully pry up the corner.
    • Using the plastic opening tool, start where the S-pen was located and carefully pry up the corner.

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    • Work your way around the entire device by carefully prying and sliding the plastic opening tool.

    • There are clips approximately 2cm apart. As you are removing the back cover you should hear the clips being dislocated from the tablet.

    Nicht nur die Micro SD Karte… auch die SIM Karte sollte entfernt werden.

    Klaus Hummel - Yanıt

    • Remove the 8 Phillips#00 3-mm screws holding the battery in place.

    The photo highlighting the screws is incorrect, the highlight in the upper right side is a plastic tab, whereas the actual 8th screw to remove is on the bottom (but that's fairly easy to identify when performing the fix).

    fortyseveneffects - Yanıt

    • Lift the top left corner of the battery up by the black tab.

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    • Gently grasp and lift up the white connector located at the bottom right corner of the battery. It is connected to the battery by two blue and two red wires.

    • Do not yank the connector by the wires. If it does not disconnect easily, slide a plastic opening tool between the white connector and the board to lift the connector away from the board.

    the white battery connectory also has 2 black wires, so 2 blue/2red/2black

    suziquirke - Yanıt

    There is some sort of safe unit in the upper left corner. It is a connector that opens when you lift off the backside. The safe was not in properly fit when I closed the back. In fact, the most difficult step was to get the safe unit properly in place while closing the backside.

    henriknaslund - Yanıt

    Thanks @henriknaslund for note on the "Safe Unit" I succesfully managed to hold it in pace with a little basic sticky tape. Did the job.

    derek - Yanıt

    Piece of cake. Entire procedure took just 15 minutes. Thank you, Joel & Co., for making this so easy!

    Flipped Gazelle - Yanıt

    why is this under galaxy note 8? the note 8 is not a tablet??? Please respond to my comment as I will check back. I need to fix my NOTE 8 POWER BUTTON…does not work properly. Makes a “short” sound…as in electrical.


    Barbara Lamb - Yanıt

    The Galaxy Note 8 was the designation for the 8 inch WiFi tablet long before Samsung confused everyone with the Note 8 phone. When Im looking for items for the tablet I usually only get things for the phone.

    J E De Armond - Yanıt

    When the Galaxy Note 8 Battery is replaced is all data, contact info,

    downloads, photos etc lost ??

    Allan PRING-SHAMBLER - Yanıt

    • The volume and power buttons are joined together on a common strip, so you are replacing both simultaneously.

    So we are not replacing the actual power button and volume button that is visible on the assembled unit? But only the common strip

    we find inside the unit that is described as moved? Also is there a connector on that section of the strip that is removed while gently

    lifting that corner of the mother board??

    louiseno36 - Yanıt

    • Disconnect the black connector by pulling up using a plastic opening tool underneath the edge. This connection attaches the power/volume cable to the mother board.

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    • Remove the 3-mm screw holding the upper left corner of the main board using a Phillips#00 screwdriver.

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    • Gently pry the lower edge of the cable off the plastic stud just above the stylus opening.

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    • Gently pry the middle of the cable up and off of the two plastic studs.

    • Gently pry the part of the cable adjacent to the power button up and off the two plastics studs.

    • Gently pry the upper part of the cable up and off the two plastic studs.

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    • Using tweezers, pull the part of the cable that is located behind the volume buttons out of the slot.

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    • Hold the corner of the motherboard up and carefully slide the cable out.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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My wife's Samsung galaxy note 8 would not turn on. She has had it for three years and we thought it should be scrapped. I searched for this problem on line and found this site. Ordered new on off kit on e-bay. Followed these instructions. Very straight forward. Took less than 30 minutes. Reassembled and returned tablet to wife, who is very happy. Hoping for a good meal tonight! Thanks very much Joel. Martin

Martin Lonsdale - Yanıt

what is the part number or kit number of the on/off kit, how to order. please help.

Cesar Manila -

My Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 (wifi only) will not switch on or respond in any way to a known-good charger being plugged into it. It hasn't had much use since new, so I don't believe it's a worn out battery or switch, but I tested those anyway. It will not reset, or hard-reset, and I have removed and tested the function of the power tact-switch, that that works fine. The battery reads 4.2V. I fear that I've bricked it. Nothing I do gives any response. Is there anything else I can try?

craig9 - Yanıt

Worked last night, was charged, checked charger(good), replaced charge port, replaced power/volume button, replaced battery. Not a peep out of the tablet. No battery image on screen. Tried hard reset etc. Nada. What now, trash can??? Can't see spending another 45 to 50 $$$ for mother board. Can any body prove Samsung built deliberate ob's into the tablet. Like read the software code.

louiseno36 - Yanıt

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