The Samsung Galaxy On5 speaker is located in the back of the phone. Now getting to isn't difficult to get to, but once you're in the phone chaise everything is smooth sailing.

  1. First locate the side notch for the back cover opening.
    • First locate the side notch for the back cover opening.

    • Make sure the phone is powered down before moving on to remove the battery.

  2. Use any tool, mostly a plastic tool to pop open the back cover off the phone.
    • Use any tool, mostly a plastic tool to pop open the back cover off the phone.

    • Caution be careful not to cut yourself while using a pry tool.

    • Locate the battery notch to remove the battery

    • Please be sure that the phone is powered down.

    • Be careful not puncture the battery. Lithium-ion battery are flammable and can irritate your skin if it come in contact.

    • Use a pry tool to pry out the battery from the house of where it sit.

    • Using a metal pry can possibly puncture the battery.

    • Once the battery is released from its housing, you can use to fingers to pull it out and place it aside.

    • Your are complete with disassembling your phone battery. If you have a replacement battery work backwards to reinsert the new battery into its housing.

    • Before dissembling the phone take out the SIM card and microSD card.

    • Use a plastic pry tool to slide both cards out.

    • Do not use a metal pry tool. Use of one can cause damage to the cards or the pins with the cards holder.

    • Take the plastic Spudger tool to pry open the LCD ribbon cable cover.

    • This part might be a little hard to open. Take your time and be careful not to push too hard, so there's no damage to the ribbon cable

    • Once the cover is remove, place the cover aside so its not miss placed

    • Take a plastic pry tool and work towards the top right of the LCD ribbon cable to pry the cable from the logic board.

    • Do not use a metal pry tool. Metal pry tools can cause damage to the logic board and to the ribbon cable.

    • This cable send signal from the logic board to the LCD screen.

    • Once unplugged move the cable aside.

    • Take a PH00 Philip head and remove all 9 screws. Once done place them aside where you won't lose them.

    • All 9 screws are the same size.

    • Use iFixit plastic picks to pry away the LCD from the bask assembly.

    • This process will take a bit due to the glue thats holding the LCD and back assembly together. Slowly move around the edge go the screen to loosen the glue up.

    • If you have a heat gun, you can use the heat gun heat up the glue. That will make the use of the plastic picks easy to pry the pieces apart.

    • Once both the LCD and back assemble come apart, look at the back assembly which the speaker is located.

    • Once located take a the plastic pry tool to remove the speaker of its housing. And replace it with a new one.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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