The digitizer and the LCD are fused together. It is necessary to replace both, unless somebody has the equipment to release the bond between those LCD and the digitizer. This is a straight forward repair with no surprises and no hidden cables, clips or screws.

  1. Remove the battery cover,
    • Remove the battery cover,

    • the battery and the SIM card if your phone has one.

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  2. Remove the eight Phillips head screws
    • Remove the eight Phillips head screws

    • All eight screws are 4mm and are identical. No reason to keep them separated.

    • Use a plastic opening tool to separate the frame from the phone

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    • Continue to work all the way around the frame.

    • Different size of the plastic opening tools can be used

    • Separate the frame

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    • Disconnect the front camera flex

    • Disconnect the audio jack flex

    • Disconnect the control button flex

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    • Gently lift the logic board above the frame,

    • and flip it to its side. Remove the LCD flex

    • The logic board can now be safely removed.

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    • The front display is adhered to the frame. It will be necessary to use a heatgun (on very low) or a good hairdryer to loosen the glue.

    • Apply the heat on the outside of the display. Do not stay to long in one are, move the heat continously around the outside of the display.

    • With the glue soft enough, use a small spatula, screwdriver or other small tool to separate the display from the frame.

    • The LCD may separate from the digitizer and remain affixed to the frame. This will cause a sparkly mess.

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    • LCD is now removed from the frame.

    • The PCB for the buttons is glued to the bottom of the LCD. Remove it slowly and carefully. An opening tool will make it easier.

    • There will be enough adhesive on the button PCB to adhere it to the new LCD.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order. The frame should have enough adhesive to provide a secure grip. If additional glue should be necessary, preference should be given to rubber cement. This will ensure that, should another display replacement be necessary, the glue will come off with heat again.

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Can just the glass be removed on this device like the Galaxy S3 Meaning is the digitizer attatched to the glass or is it like the S3 where the digitizer is not attatched to the glass?

Andrew Knight - Yanıt

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