The front facing camera is smaller than the rear camera. This small camera is held in place by plastic bar attached to the case by a screw.

  1. To remove the rear cover, locate the tab indicated by the red outline.
    • To remove the rear cover, locate the tab indicated by the red outline.

    • Using your fingernail, gently pry the rear cover.

  2. Turn off the phone before removing battery.
    • Turn off the phone before removing battery.

    • The battery can be removed from the phone by applying an upwards pressure to the bottom right edge of the battery, as indicated by the red rectangle.

    • After the battery starts to lift upwards, use your hand to hold and remove it.

    • The SIM card is the small white rectangle located in the red rectangle.

    • To remove the SIM card, press down on the card and slide it to the left, until it no longer is in contact with the metal.

    • The media card is found inside the area indicated with the red rectangle. The card itself is small and black making it hard to easily see.

    • After locating the card, gently use your fingers to slide the card to the right, until the card is no longer in contact with the metal.

    • The inner plate is held on by six screws that are 1/16 of an inch (1.6 mm).

    • Remove the screws with a Philips head precision screwdriver.

    • Place all screws someplace that they will not easily be lost, such as a magnetic mat or a plastic bag.

    • When removing the inner plate, place device on grounded surface or use anti static wrist band.

    • After the screws have been removed, the only thing holding the inner plate in is several plastic tabs built into the frame of the phone.

    • Firmly pinch the edge, as shown in the picture, and pull the plate away from the frame.

    • If you cannot get a grip on the inner plate, consider using the spudger to pry and lift the plate out.

    • The motherboard holds many delicate components, improper handling can result in the destruction of these components.

    • To remove the motherboard, first undo the three tabs, indicated by the red outlines, using either a small flat-head screwdriver or your thumbnail.

    • In addition to the three at the top of the motherboard, there is a fourth tab at the bottom of the phone that will need to be opened as well.

    • After all the tabs are unplugged, carefully apply pressure to the edges of the motherboard and lift upwards.

    • If the motherboard does not lift up, you may need to wiggle it left and right to free the corners from the areas where the case screws were placed.

    • To remove the front camera we need to first remove the screw indicated by the red circle and the cover plate. The screw size is 1/16 of an inch (1.6 mm)

    • After the screw has been removed, the cover plate can be removed.

    • Use the tweezers to remove the plastic bar which holds the camera in place.

    • The camera is now exposed.

    • Carefully lift the camera out of the phone with the tweezers.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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