The volume control button is a simple plastic button that increases or decreases the volume. This button is attached to the frame of the phone and activates the volume controlling circuitry on the motherboard when pressed.

  1. To remove the rear cover, locate the tab indicated by the red outline.
    • To remove the rear cover, locate the tab indicated by the red outline.

    • Using your fingernail, gently pry the rear cover.

  2. Turn off the phone before removing battery.
    • Turn off the phone before removing battery.

    • The battery can be removed from the phone by applying an upwards pressure to the bottom right edge of the battery, as indicated by the red rectangle.

    • After the battery starts to lift upwards, use your hand to hold and remove it.

    • The SIM card is the small white rectangle located in the red rectangle.

    • To remove the SIM card, press down on the card and slide it to the left, until it no longer is in contact with the metal.

    • The media card is found inside the area indicated with the red rectangle. The card itself is small and black making it hard to easily see.

    • After locating the card, gently use your fingers to slide the card to the right, until the card is no longer in contact with the metal.

    • The inner plate is held on by six screws that are 1/16 of an inch (1.6 mm).

    • Remove the screws with a Philips head precision screwdriver.

    • Place all screws someplace that they will not easily be lost, such as a magnetic mat or a plastic bag.

    • When removing the inner plate, place device on grounded surface or use anti static wrist band.

    • After the screws have been removed, the only thing holding the inner plate in is several plastic tabs built into the frame of the phone.

    • Firmly pinch the edge, as shown in the picture, and pull the plate away from the frame.

    • If you cannot get a grip on the inner plate, consider using the spudger to pry and lift the plate out.

    • The motherboard holds many delicate components, improper handling can result in the destruction of these components.

    • To remove the motherboard, first undo the three tabs, indicated by the red outlines, using either a small flat-head screwdriver or your thumbnail.

    • In addition to the three at the top of the motherboard, there is a fourth tab at the bottom of the phone that will need to be opened as well.

    • After all the tabs are unplugged, carefully apply pressure to the edges of the motherboard and lift upwards.

    • If the motherboard does not lift up, you may need to wiggle it left and right to free the corners from the areas where the case screws were placed.

    • Lift the tab indicated by the red rectangle using a pair of tweezers.

    • After the tab has been lifted press the volume control button inwards until it is free of the frame.

    • A pair of tweezers could be used to help aid in removing the volume control button from the frame.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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