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They are working for Galaxy S3 (I9300) too.

You can see the codes in the description of the video.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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hello, are those codes valid on fake samsungs as well? I am planning to buy one this week and I would like to test it for fakeness! Thank you!

kostas - Yanıt

I think - no.

ZFix - Yanıt

I want beak my imei u can hlep me

Nisim Cohen - Yanıt

You want to fix your IMEI or you want to change it?

ZFix -

My wifi antenna is not picking up a signal very well, i lose wifi if I am more than 20 ft from router. The code to get into service mode doesn't work on my galaxy s4 model SCH-I545, nor do any of the codes for that matter. Suggestions?

Brett - Yanıt

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