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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Display Assembly (With Frame) Replacement

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Jeff Suovanen

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something to note, not sure if the guy mentions in video (it’s german, I didn't actually watch it) :

If you try and test the new display before you reassembled the mid frame, you will get a temperature warning. reinstall all screws and mid frame then test, should be good.

also, this is the only method you should attempt this repair, as the official samsung screens will come like this, with frame. If not, its not original, don’t waste your time or money on sh!tty parts

Andrew - Yanıt

Agreed! I love my OEM Samsung Service Box Display

Ethan Bain - Yanıt

Best video I’ve seen of the S8 teardown. Agree with what Andrew said above, check the midframe to see all the extra small parts are there. To check everything works, you can turn on the phone with after connecting the display to the motherboard, and puting the internals back together (everything but gluing the front and back pieces). Be careful to put all the screws back in place- the motherboard needs a tight connection to components on the midframe (like the power button and audio speaker) to work. Good luck!

Michael M - Yanıt

Can I buy the screen replacement

Christian lares - Yanıt

How can i by samsung Galaxy 8+ screen?

Nguse Hayelom - Yanıt

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