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Here's a video from a Spanish technician that shows the relatively simple process of replacing a digitizer for a Galaxy Tab 4 7". The video has no narration and is easy to understand without knowing spanish.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Max B

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Here is a replacement digitizer, Also they offer tools to help in the replacement process.

Cody - Yanıt

So this is a no fused/LOCA display? I thought these were fused. Can anyone confirm deny

Sam Garesche - Yanıt

they are fused.

Rob - Yanıt

So, I did this repair and it was relatively straight forward. If I had to give one word of advice to anyone attempting this repair it is to remove the micro SD card before starting as I destroyed mine when trying to pry open the case. The other word of advice I have is be careful with the small little wifi piece. I had no problems with this but I can imagine severing it or closing it in the case. Overall an easy repair. I can always order another SD card and did not lose anything important but to others this can cause a loss of something sentimental.

Christopher Butera - Yanıt

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