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If the LCD display of your Samsung j7 pro got broken, follow this video to replace it. It's difficult to replace the front glass only, this is the best solution for you to repair the broken screen of samsung j7 pro.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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You know where I can buy the original screen I'm from Mexico my email is

andres ortiz - Yanıt

You can buy the original screen of Samsung J7 Pro from

Witrigs -

Brother, did you find the original AMOLED display?

I’m in Mexico as well but i can buy in the US

Rafael B -

Why is my phone still not working after replaced with a new LCD?

Paz Olano - Yanıt

How much the lcd screen for samsung j7pro?

Joerge Maligang - Yanıt

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