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I was given a free Samsung Television model LNT4669FX-XAA that wouldn't power on that I found on

I've found other free TV's on, and other online sites. These are good sources of electronics to practice on if you are a student, hobbyist or whatever compels you to save some electronics from going into the junk yard. Enough of the electronics restore, repair, re-use and recycling advocacy.

The gentleman that gave me the TV noted that his father had tried to repair the TV before and it worked for a day. He wasn't sure what his father had worked on.

When I brought the TV home and plugged in, I found it did nothing.

I took off the back cover and found a blown fuse and an assortment of new capacitors that I wasn't sure were even in specification.

I decided for the price of a new board, I'd buy a new board (found for ~$20) off eBay and try repairing the old board later with a board repair kit.

I replaced the power supply board and the TV is performing up to specification from what I can tell now.



    • Be sure to unplug the TV from the main wall outlet.

    • Carefully lay the TV screen down on a clean flat table with the back side facing you.

    • Using a #3 Phillips head screwdriver, remove the screws holding the back cover on.

    • Thoroughly clean the cover and boards using a damp towel (I like to use 91% isopropyl alcohol) and if heavily soiled use a vacuum with a brush.

    • Using the #3 Phillips head screwdriver, remove the screws holding the power supply board on.

    • Unplug the connectors connected to the board setting aside and carefully noting placement for later connection to the new board.

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    • Insert the new power supply board into the location where the old board was located.

    • Follow the previous steps to connect the cables and screw in the screws.

    • Follow the first step in reverse to install the back cover.

    • Plug the power cord into a wall outlet and power on the TV to verify performance.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

You can also repair your Power Supply Board potentially by using the BN44-00166C repair kit.

See the Attached Documents schematic for further Power Supply Board details.

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