The keypad may become broken over time, this guide will assist in the replacement of the keypad.


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Slide the latch on the back of the phone up.
  • Slide the latch on the back of the phone up.

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Remove the battery.
  • Remove the battery.

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  • After removing the battery, remove the four small Phillips-head screws with a #0 Phillips screwdriver.

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  • Using a thumbtack, pry the small plastic cover from the case near the base of the antenna.

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  • With a #0 Phillips screwdriver remove the screw which you just uncovered.

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  • Using the spudger, carefully pry the case apart starting near the charging port. Ease the case open.

  • Then disconnect the small power connector near the top of the phone.

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  • Gently pry up the ribbon-type connector with the spudger.

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  • Carefully pry the logic board from the case with the spudger.

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  • Once the logic board has been removed, peel the keypad up.

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  • When using a spudger the keypad housing comes off quite easily, although it may be necessary to guide the ribbon cable through the slot in the housing.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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