This guide can be used for those that are experiencing difficulties with their hold switch. A major sign of a faulty hold switch is being incapable of turning on the device. Use this guide to replace a faulty hold switch.

Locate and remove the screw on the bottom of the device. The screw is next to the battery compartment lid.
  • Locate and remove the screw on the bottom of the device. The screw is next to the battery compartment lid.

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Remove the battery compartment cover.
  • Remove the battery compartment cover.

  • Remove the battery.

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  • Now gently pry the two halves of the case apart.

  • There are several interlocking pegs located along the edge of the device's casings.

  • Pry the pegs apart one at a time, while working your way around the case.

  • Be careful when prying apart the pegs they are made of plastic, and you don't want to break them.

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  • The two halves of the case won't want to be separated at first. That's because the battery contact springs are in the way.

  • Push the battery contact springs down through their respective holes in the case. Now the case will come away freely.

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  • Remove the cover to the battery compartment.

  • Remove the battery. You'll need both cover and battery out of the way for the next step.

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  • The part of the casing that houses the USB jack and headphone jack is the final part which will have to be separated.

  • Two clips are the only things holding this portion of the casings together.

  • Once again, gently pry the two outer casings apart by pulling them away from one another.

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  • You now have access to all components found on the inside of the device!

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  • Locate hold switch on motherboard.

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  • Locate where hold switch is connected to motherboard via soldered connections.

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  • Use the soldering iron to liquefy the solder connecting the hold switch to the motherboard.

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  • The solder and soldering iron will be very hot at this time. Do not touch unless wearing protective gloves as you will be burnt.

  • Be sure to always elevate the hot end of the soldering iron on a metal stand to prevent incidental burns.

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  • With the soldered points liquefied, remove faulty hold switch from the motherboard.

  • To do this liquefy the solder on each contact and remove them individually.

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  • Replace faulty hold switch with a new one.

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  • There may be some solder in the way of the hold switch's metal contacts. If this occurs simply melt/remove the solder to create room for the contacts.

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  • With the new hold switch in place, use the soldering iron and solder to create a stable connection between the motherboard and hold switch.

  • Be sure to allow the new solder to cool and harden.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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