You'll be replacing the keyboard component of the Sharp PC - MM20!


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First, remove the battery from your laptop and make sure it is powered down.
  • First, remove the battery from your laptop and make sure it is powered down.

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Close your laptop
  • Close your laptop

  • Turn your laptop so that the back of it is facing you.

  • You should notice three screw. Remove those screws using the proper screw driver.

  • Be sure to put them somewhere safe, like a magnetic pad for instance.

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  • Now, we're going to flip the laptop so it is upside down.

  • Remove the screws shown in the picture as well.

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  • Next, open the laptop and focus on the front of the base of the laptop.

  • Notice that there are small notches in between the two plates of the laptop

  • Take a flat edge and wedge it into the slot, and pop it open. There should be several of these slots on the front side of the laptop.

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  • Once the cover is loose, you should be able to wiggle it somewhat freely. However, there are a few connections holding it together.

  • Next, we're going to use tweezers to delicately remove the flat cable connecting the key board to the laptop.

  • Also, remove the flat cable from the track pad to the laptop.

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  • Now that all connections are undone, you should be able to easily remove the top of the base from the rest of the computer.

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  • Next, you can take the key board out of its housing, and replace it with your new key board!

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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