Technically, you only need to do step 1. It is that simple. However, there are optional steps to make things better and enable more capabilities.

    • Because you now have a geared extruder, you need to tell the firmware to move the extruder more steps for the same distance.

    • This is easily accomplished using M92 E980. Default steps are 280, multiplied by 3.5 (gear ratio) give 980.

    • You can add this line to your start Gcode in slic3r, or send it using a terminal followed by M500 to save it permanently.

    • With the gearing, the motor has an easier time pushing filament so current can be lowered. But if your pancake stepper is low torque, you may need to increase current some to compensate.

    • Example from my start Gcode:

      • M911 E24 ; set holding current lower M912 E24 ; set running current lower M910 ; commit new currents

    • Since firmware version 3.5.0, the M91x gcodes below are no longer enabled on stock firmware. Only M907 is supported, which allows current to be set but not reported, and there's no equivalent of M910. Uncomment the line #define TMC2130_SERVICE_CODES_M910_M918 in Configuration_prusa.h to re-enable.

    • You can also change the E steps permanently in the Firmware. This also allows for more fine tuning

    • Unload adjustment...

    • With the shorter filament path, you should be able to reduce the retraction length and keep the same quality.

      • This is under the Printer section / extruder.

      • Should be tuned for each filament, but is under Printer section. I typically use 0.6mm

    • With the lighter weight you can increase printing speed as well.

      • This is under Print settings / speed.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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