If buttons get stuck or you need to make any other type of replacement to the hardware of the video camera, you must first remove the outer case. This guide shows how all of the outer casing is removed, which involves removing extensive amounts of screws. To complete the case disassembly, the audio inputs are also removed from the video camera.

  1. Lift viewfinder to access battery pack.
    • Lift viewfinder to access battery pack.

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  2. Press the battery release button.
    • Press the battery release button.

    • While pushing the battery button, slide the battery to the left.

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    • Pull the battery pack out of the video camera.

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    • Open the cassette cover.

    • Unscrew 14 screws located on the outer casing. Three are located on the top face 2x6.8mm and 1X4.54mm, three on the left face 1x4.54mm,1x5.3mm and seven on the bottom face 5x4.54mm and 2x6.77mm.

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    • Continue removing screws. Five on the right side, from bottom to top, 3x4.54mm 2x5.70mm. One on the backside 1x4.54mm.

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    • Pull off the plastic tape cover by lifting it up and out of the camera base.

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    • Disconnect the mic assembly by pulling it away from the camera base.

    • Do not pull too hard as the wires are still connected.

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    • Pull the bottom part of the case away from the camera.

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    • Remove the three marked screws located on the right face of the video camera 3x4.54mm.

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    • Remove the one circuit board screw at the front of the video camera 1x3.6mm.

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    • Pull the audio/video inputs underneath the microphone assembly. The inputs should still be connected to the circuit board.

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    • Remove two remaining case screws on the front of the camera 2x3.63mm.

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    • Using metal tweezers, pull out the plastic connector box on the front side.

    • Again use metal tweezers to pull out the connection box on the bottom of the camera. The right side of the case can now be removed by pulling it to the right.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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