This guide details the steps necessary to replace the LCD screen on a Sony Handycam DCR-HC30. This can be a fairly complex replacement if the correct tools are not used.

To begin, the LCD screen must be removed.
  • To begin, the LCD screen must be removed.

  • Bring the LCD screen to the fully open position.

  • Remove the three 5 MM Phillips #1 screws on the front of the LCD screen.

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Flip the camera with the lens facing up.
  • Flip the camera with the lens facing up.

  • Turn the LCD screen so you can see the 5 MM Phillips #1 screw on the inside; remove the screw.

  • Spin the LCD screen around to get the 5 MM Phillips #1 screw in the same place on the other side.

  • Use the plastic opening tool to gently separate the back of the screen from the unit.

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  • These parts are very small and fragile and can break easily.

  • With the back off, spin the LCD screen back around.

  • Using the plastic opening tool, gently lift up the holder that keeps the ribbon in place.

  • Gently slip the ribbon from its housing.

  • When this step is completed the LCD screen will separate from the rest of the camera. From here on you will only be working with the screen.

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  • Ensure that you are gentle when handling the parts of the board within. Even small mistakes can permanently damage the board.

  • While holding the entire LCD screen unit in the palm of your hand use your thumb and forefinger to grasp the big ribbon and gently wiggle it out of its housing.

  • Remove the one screw that holds the board onto the back of the LCD screen unit.

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  • Using tweezers, gently wiggle the locks up and out on the ribbon housings of the three ribbons still connected to the LCD board.

  • Slip the ribbons out of their housings.

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  • Within the LCD unit there are three layers to remove.

  • While holding the ribbons back with your thumb remove the board and set in a safe place.

  • Keeping the ribbons to the side remove the LCD filter. This exposes the LCD screen.

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  • Remove the LCD screen.

  • Be sure to clean the new screen with a microfiber cloth before re-installation.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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