Use this guide to remove and replace the keyboard of your Sony VAIO PCG-91111M Laptop.

Disclaimer: iFixit staff has found this guide to be an interesting look at the device, but it is not indicative of the best way to perform repair. Use caution in following the guide and read all steps before you attempt the repair.

  1. Remove the following color-coded screws:
    • Remove the following color-coded screws:

      • These screws secure the RAM and hard drive covers, respectively.

      • These screws secure the optical drive to the lower case of the laptop.

    • The various other screws highlighted in the picture are unnecessary to remove and should be done at your own discretion.

  2. Remove the following screws:
    • Remove the following screws:

      • Five screws highlighted in orange.

      • Two screws highlighted in blue.

    • Pry the hard drive connector upwards from its socket on the logic board.

    • Release the highlighted clips to remove the upper case of the keyboard.

    • Flip up the retaining flap (highlighted in red) on the keyboard ribbon cable ZIF socket.

    • Be sure you are prying up on the hinged retaining flap and not the socket itself.

    • Pull the keyboard ribbon cable straight out of its socket toward the front edge of the laptop.

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Very useful, thank you. A real pain to do though without snapping the plastic tabs on the upper case.

Eddie B - Yanıt

OMG... guys, you need just unscrew FOUR screws on the bottom (two orange circles on the same level that yellow sticker and two orange-circled screws in the middle of left and right side) and then pop the keyboard up with knife, etc, and disconnect the cable.

Paul G - Yanıt

agree with Paul G. you don’t need to remove all the plastic case to change the keyboard

Pierret -

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