RAM should be replaced when the laptop is having memory issues. This could be the case when the laptop fails to boot up or crashes during memory intensive tasks. If you need further assistance or cannot diagnose any issues, please refer to our troubleshooting guide.


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  1. Power off the laptop.
    • Power off the laptop.

    • Unplug the charging cable and any other cables plugged into the laptop.

    • Failure to remove or unplug any cables could result in electric shock.

    • Turn the laptop over so that the back panel is facing upwards.

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  2. Locate two switches above the battery that lock it into place.
    • Locate two switches above the battery that lock it into place.

    • Push the left-hand switch, that says "lock" above it, so that it is unlocked.

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    • Push and hold the right-hand switch, which says "release" above it, and lift the battery up out of its place.

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    • Unscrew the highlighted 5.3mm Phillips #1 screw from the middle of the back panel.

    • The screw cannot be removed fully and only loosens. Loosen the screw until the panel does not raise up anymore.

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    • Using a spudger, lift up and remove the loosened panel.

    • If the panel does not lift up with a moderate amount of force, do NOT try to force it out. Make sure that the screw is fully loosened before attempting again.

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    • Locate the two metal levers on either side of the memory chip.

    • Pull back both levers simultaneously and if done correctly, the RAM should release and lift up at an angle.

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    • Gently remove the RAM chip from its placement.

    • If you want to remove the second stick of RAM as well, do so by following the previous step.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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