How to take out the hard drive of the Sony Vaio VGN-S260 laptop


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  1. Flip the laptop over so the Vaio logo is facing down
    • Flip the laptop over so the Vaio logo is facing down

    • Locate the battery at the top and Find the release and unlock slides on the battery

    • Slide the unlock tab to the unlock position

    • Slide the release tab in the direction of the arrow, i.e. towards the unlock tab

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  2. With the tabs still in the unlock position, slide the battery away from the main case.
    • With the tabs still in the unlock position, slide the battery away from the main case.

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    • Flip the computer over so the Vaio logo is facedown

    • Unscrew the 2 screws next to the battery

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    • Flip the computer over again so the Vaio logo is face up

    • Open the lid

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    • Press down on the outer gray shell around the keyboard

    • Use the spudger to gently lift keyboard

    • Do not pull up the keyboard too far as it is attached to a ribbon underneath

    There are 2 spring-held latches, one above the F4 and one above the F12. Push a latch up into the frame of the keyboard, then lift the keyboard gently in that area so the latch doesn't spring back. Then push the other latch and the keyboard will be released.

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    • Lift up lever underneath the ribbon to detach the keyboard.

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    • Remove memory/wireless compartment cover

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    • Flip so the Vaio Logo is face down

    • Locate and remove a total of 8 screws on the bottom.

    There are 2 more screws on the bottom, one in the middle of the front next to the flash stick socket, and one under the memory door.

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    • Find and remove 5 screws (they all have arrows next to them) from cover

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    • Flip the laptop over so the Vaio logo is face up

    • Use the spudger to pop up the upper casing

    • Do not lift too much as the Uppercasing is attached to wires underneath

    • Remove the wires that are attaching the uppercasing to the motherboard

    There are also 5 screws from the top of the uppercasing.

    Yishai Sered - Yanıt

    The are 4 cables to remove: flat cable for the power and S buttons at top center; flat cable for the touchpad at bottom center; and 2 twisted pairs for the speakers.

    The speaker cable socket is very delicate. If all you are getting at is the CPU or the hard drive, it may be enough to disconnect the flat cables and gently rotate the uppercasing shifting it left to allow access to the right-hand side with the CPU fan and the hard drive.

    Yishai Sered - Yanıt

    The top panel has cutouts that allow the cables to be disconnected before the top of the case is removed. The two flat cables are not clamped and can be pulled vertically out of their connectors. The delicate speaker cables are connected to the motherboard with plugs which can be gently levered up out of their sockets.

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    • Remove the uppercasing

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    • Locate the screws holding the hard drive casing in place.

    • Remove the screws

    Only the 2 bottom red circles have screws. The top two are open holes for screws that come in from the bottom.

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    Only the two bottom screws are there. The two top screws are from the bottom and would have been removed to get the uppercasing off.

    Yishai Sered - Yanıt

    • Find orange ribbon that is connected to the hard drive.

    • Find the holder of the ribbon and pop the ribbon off from it

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    • Remove the casing and the orange ribbon

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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