How to disassemble the phone and replace the Diasplay Assemblay (LCD Display & Touchscreen module).

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  1. Switch off the phone.
    • Switch off the phone.

    • If you can't switch it off, you can use the OFF button near to the SIM card Tray.

    • Warm the Back Cover. You can use a hairdryer.

    • Be careful, the Back Cover is plastic.

  2. Use a small suction cup and plastic tools for separating the Rear panel.
    • Use a small suction cup and plastic tools for separating the Rear panel.

    • There is Adhesive tape on the edges of the phone and some between the Battery and the Back Cover, as well. I found a small tab to pull just inside the top of the cover that removed the adhesive and released the back panel from the battery. Its that same style adhesive strip as used in the Iphone 5/5c/5s.

    • Before installing the new cover, you must clean the phone from the old adhesive tape and install a new one (if your spare part has come without double sided adhesive tape).

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    • Remove the Loudspeaker metal bracket.

    • Remove the two Phillips screws that hold Loudspeaker/Vibromotor module.

    • Disconnect the Coaxial Antenna cable.

    • With the sharp end of the plastic tool carefully subtract the module from the phone housing.

    • The Loud Speaker has some adhesive holding it to the chassis so a little heat on the front will help.

    • Disconnect the Touchscreen flex cables.

    • Disconnect the LCD Display flex cable.

    • You can embed the Loudspeaker module to the phone housing with masking tape. This will prevent the ribbon from breaking.

    • Use a transparent packaging tape and stick it on top of the glass. This will help you remove the broken glass later.

    • Preheat the Display.

    • Use a cutter to make a room for a plastic tool.

    • Continue separating the display from the frame by using plastic opening tools.

    • Clean the frame from the remains of tape.

    • Now it's time to test the new spare part.

    • Use a high quality adhesive sticker for the model.

    • This will stick the display to the frame harder and it will save the waterproof ability of your phone.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Worked! I very much recommend watching the video as well as read the manual to get a complete picture. My total time spent was multiple hours, but largely because it's the first time I'm doing a repair that involves so much glue. Gained a few gray hairs there.

Two stumbles:

I missed the line "The load Speaker has some adhesive holding it to the chassis so a little heat on the front will help.", which cost me a lot of time and worry as I was trying to force the speaker assembly out. Eventually got it out, and it's fine. Ribbon cables will be the death of me some day.

I did not keep the little bit of tape on the display ribbon safe and clean and ended up not using it at all. The written manual doesn't show its reuse, the video does.

Also: getting (almost) all of the glue goop off the back was a tragedy.

Minic - Yanıt

so cool, is simple.

danielassro - Yanıt

She lives, very nice guide! :D

Jroen - Yanıt

My Xperia Z2 touch screen is fixed at a phone repaircenter. I dont know what they do but since that day it looks like my touchscreen living his own life. Especially if i type some text with the stock keyboard. Its very frustrating and my question is.....can i do something about it myself?

Sorry for my bad English btw

Anita van Geel - Yanıt

Before gluing the screen to work well sensors and all that, you need to put some black tape on the camera or sensors?

Is it and seen online tutorials or is not necessary

Hector Gonzalez - Yanıt

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