Use this guide to replace the RAM.

The processor in the DS412+ supports DDR3 800/1066MHz RAM modules

  1. DS412+
    • DS412+

    • Remove the front panel

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  2. Remove the hard disks
    • Remove the hard disks

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    • Remove the two screws in the back of the NAS, on the top and bottom.

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    • Locate those 2 tabs on the left side inside the device.

    • Lift them up off the metal brace

    • You may have to bend the metal support bar to remove the case. Bend it back if you do.

    This step could really use a better illustration of the removal technique. The plastic here is extremely stiff and it can be hard to bend it enough to move the tabs.

    This is the best technique I found, that will avoid damaging the plastic facing of the case. I am using the iFixit photo as a guide. Take a flathead screwdriver and place it down within the DS412, head facing up. Stick the head in between the metal bar and the plastic casing, and at the midpoint between the two tabs. Apply gentle pressure.

    Chris - Yanıt

    • Push the case away towards the back about 1 cm

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    • With the NAS on its right side, lift up the enclosure, mind the tabs on the top of the case.

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    • Remove the screw securing the HDD bays enclosure.

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    • Remove the screw securing the I/O board.

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    • Remove the four screws securing the HDD bays

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    • Pull the fan a little bit away

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    • Watch out for this plug

    • Lift the metal bracket out

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    • Remove the fan power headers

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    • Remove the I/O board by lifting it up

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    • Remove those 4 screws

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    • Starting from the front of the unit, remove the motherboard from the unit.

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    • Pull these tabs and remove the ram

    • Old and new Ram

    • The old RAM's part number is: M3SN-1GSFCCM7-GA14

    • To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Hi is it also possible with a Synology ds216play? Or is the RAM not modular in this Drives?

markusguenther30684 - Yanıt

Very nice guide. Thank you!

mbs - Yanıt

Thank you for the guide, just to ease it up a bit for everybody following, the best way to pull the two tabs from step 4 was to use small spoon (or anything metal) and use it as a crowbar from the inside (do not try to put force from the outer rim, but really from inside of the Synology itself (against the metal beam the tabs are holding to).

Ondrej Palat - Yanıt

Thank you very much.

Olivier Claude - Yanıt

did these steps and now my DS412+ won't boot anymore. just the blue power light for a few seconds, no hard drive or fan will turn on.

after putting the old RAM in the slot nothing changed. cannot find any error, how do I find out what's wrong here???

Andreas Hanny - Yanıt

Super facile, en 10 minutes même pas c'est fait !!

user0 - Yanıt

This guide was great. Thanks for posting it!

I upgrade to 2gb RAM last night with no problems. I used "Kingston Technology ValueRAM 2GB 1333MHz DDR3 Non-ECC CL9 SODIMM SR X16 Notebook and Portable Memory KVR13S9S6/2" from Amazon.

System is humming along nicely now.

Jeff Smith - Yanıt

Thank you for this guide.

I upgrade my RAM without any trouble.

The use of two tea spoon to lift the tab in step 4 is very useful.

Marc Jean - Yanıt

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