Replace a broken fuse on the TRS-80 Color Computer's power supply.

  1. Flip the computer over.
    • Flip the computer over.

    • Remove the two 24.1mm Phillips screws near the front of the case.

    • Remove the five 33.0 mm Phillips screws towards the back of the case.

  2. Carefully flip the computer right side up.
    • Carefully flip the computer right side up.

    • Lift off the top half of the case.

    • Near the motherboard, gently pull the keyboard ribbon cable until it becomes free.

    • Lift the keyboard out of the case.

    • Remove the nine 15.24 mm Phillips screws securing the motherboard in place.

    • When removing the spring door, make sure to keep the door closed.

    • Remove the 5 jumper cables from the motherboard.

    • Once the jumper cables lift the motherboard up gently; it should lift out easily.

    • Remove the two 40.6mm Philips screws securing the TRS-80 transformer.

    • Remove the power cable jumpers from the power supply.

    • Gently peel back the protective film on the top of the transformer.

    • Locate the two points the fuse is soldered into the circuit board.

    • Using a soldering iron and soldering wick, desolder and remove the fuse.

    • Place the new fuse into the location of the old one, and solder it in place.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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