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Takamine Gseries Strings Replacement

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    • Place the guitar on your lap with the strings facing up towards you.

    • Take your string winder/cutter tool and cut all of the strings right above the sound hole of the guitar.

    • With the same winding tool used to cut the strings, they can also be used to remove the bridge pins. Gently slide the tool under the pins and lift up on them one by one until they are all removed. From there, take out the half of the strings that are being held by them.

    • Remove the op half of the strings by unwinding the tuning knobs to make the strings come loose. When they are loose enough, pull them out of the tuning knobs.

    • Grab the base of the strings (this will have brass loops) and insert them into the hole of the bridge pins one by one starting with the low-e string. Once they are inserted, slide the bridge pins back in on top of them.

    • Take the ends of the strings and begin sliding them through the hole of the tuning knobs. Once the string is placed in there, begin tightening the tuning knob until the string is no longer loose.

    • Do not tighten strings too tight or they may break. You will fully tighten them to the desired tuning after all strings have been replaced.

    • Once all strings have been replaced, you may begin to tune the guitar to your desired tuning.

    • Strings may become untuned for some time after they are replaced, this is because they are still adjusting in the bridge and it may take a few times to tune before they are set.

    • After the strings are tuned to where you want them, take you winder/cutter and cut off the excess string at the end.

    • Be careful as to how much you cut off in case the strings are not fully set in the bridge. I suggest leaving about a half inch until you know it is safe.


Your guitar will now sound crisp and brand new!

Jay Jones

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