Solve some failed button problems. Corrosion forms inside some of the buttons.

  1. Power down. Any method works.
    • Power down. Any method works.

    • Refer to other guide for more pictures.

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  2. Remove clutch screws, torx bottom screws, and battery drawer screws.
    • Remove clutch screws, torx bottom screws, and battery drawer screws.

      • Use dollar store 1mm flathead jeweler screwdriver for clutch screws.

    If you don’t have a thin enough screwdriver, you can make one by snapping or grinding the tip off an X-Acto blade.

    nahkoots - Yanıt

    • Disconnect power and two clutch screws.

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    • Remove front panel.

    • Refer to other guide for more pictures

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    • Remove board screws.

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    • Spacers will fall out. Didnt catch where they go.

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    • Pull top board and screen off. There is not much chance for damage, the connector is easily removed.

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    • Take keyboard off. Be careful. Buttons will fall out, refer to another calculator or front page picture.

    • Buttons will fall out. There may be a mess of them that pile out.

    • Take mouse flex cable off, otherwise it will dangle. Flip up tab

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    • Cut around failing button, peel off delicately with a screwdriver or tweezers.

    • Clean with rubbing alcohol.

    • Be careful not to dig into board with knife. this would render board useless.

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    • Clean screen with compressed air. Makes cleanup simple.

    • Rubbing alcohol may be used.

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    • Press connector back in. Shift board around with finger until docks match.


    • Set screws in place.

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    • Drop more screws in, and tighten all.

    • Reassemble.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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How does this fix the buttons, I do't want to damage my calculator

Daniel Doutch - Yanıt

Watch for the little clear plastic piece when you put it back together. I think it goes to the inside of the hole for the power connector.

Casey I - Yanıt

Thanks for this.

The black circular spacers shown at step 6 go on the mounting brackets for the two outermost screws holding the screen onto the mainboard. On the first picture for step 5, if you numbered the circled screws from left to right, those would be screws 1 and 4.

I didn’t have a screwdriver for the clutch screws of the back cover, but a thin, pointed knife tip did the job.

Paul Gouin - Yanıt

Thanks a lot! Spilled coffee in mine, had to wash all the buttons individually to solve the sticky button issue, worked like a treat.

Søren - Yanıt

I have the problem that my TI Nspire CX CAS uses the buttons “Enter, E, K, Q and W” on its own, although i can´t use these. These buttons line up, and i tried cleaning them using the guide here. But I still have the same problem. Does somebody have a clue? Or even a way to fix this?

Andi - Yanıt

Hey! I have a TI-Nspire Cx version. Which screw driver is needed to loosen the screws in step 3?

vikassharma247 - Yanıt

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