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If you got a broken Redmi Note 4X LCD, please follow this video to fix the display. It's not difficult to finish the procedure.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Hi, Eric.

Thank you for your instructions. Apart from having a broken screen, the gyro sensor is not working. Will this issue be resolved if I change the broken screen, or is the problem much more complicated.

Thank you for your help.


marcela - Yanıt

Hey Marcela, changing the screen wont fix your giroscope, which i think is soldered to the motherboard and will not be easy to fix by yourself

Miguel Trigo -

Very nice good joob

Mustapha el amri - Yanıt

Hello, thanks for the nice tutorial and link to the shop. I’ve tried purchasing at their place and they seem dead: chat always offline and doesn’t answer. Initiated the refund process on PayPal.

Aubry Moret - Yanıt

Hi, I'm flavio, and I live in Cambodia. My redmi note 4x has broken the screen. I need some help to find a place we're I can fix my fone

Flávio da Quésede - Yanıt

The Heat gun is necesary? I dont have one and if i buy one It would be more expensive than sending It to a tech store to repair

juan marquez - Yanıt

hello, is the screen of xiaomi redmi note 4x snapdragon different from redmi note 4x mediatec

Κωστας Λαζαριδης - Yanıt

Hello. My front lcd screen popped out. How do I remove the phone from its rear case? I can’t use suction cup as it’ll only pull off the popped out lcd screen. The rest of the board behind lcd remains in Thebes rear case.

Ancient Sniper - Yanıt

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