If you forgot your Password, PIN, Screen Pattern lock, you can pass the security with your Google account, registered on this phone. You must be in range of WiFi network, used before with this phone.

If you cannot do this, the only way to bypass the security is Hard Reset.

!!! ATTENTION !!! This will erase all your personal information.

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  1. Open the Emergency call keyboard.
    • Open the Emergency call keyboard.

    • Enter this code: *#*#7378423#*#*

    • From the Service Menu select: "Customization Settings".

  2. Select "Reset customization" and "Reset customization and reboot".
    • Select "Reset customization" and "Reset customization and reboot".

    • The Android system will erase all personal information and will reboot the phone to the original factory settings.

    • Did you do it successfully?


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I didn't get the Customization Settings option. i just got "Service info", "service settings", and "Service tests"

kennynguyen0829 - Yanıt

There is no customization settings option so how do we reset ????

roy7ster - Yanıt

Because of high Android version.You have to reflash it with Sony PC Companion:



ZFix -

I did it! Thank you, i was able to unlock it and all my pictures and music are still there! :)

Miri - Yanıt

Ahhh great I made it thanks

tkmuparadzi - Yanıt

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