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Hair Scrunchie Elastic Replacement Girişe yapılan değişiklikler

Düzenleyen: Crystie Sandmire

Düzenleme onaylandı tarafından Crystie Sandmire

[ ]Often the elastic interior of a scrunchie will break, while the outer cloth material remains intact. At this point, most people would discard their scrunchie as useless, contributing to the fashion waste stream. Buying a new scrunchie adds to pollution, depletion of natural resources, and unfair labor practices within the fast fashion industry. With the help of this guide, scrunchie users will be able to learn how to simply replace the inner elastic and repair their broken scrunchie. This guide is relatively simple, however, it requires the use of sharp objects, such as a needle and hem ripper.

Kılavuz Ön Koşulları


  • Needle x1 added.
  • Utility Scissors x1 added.
  • Hem ripper x1 added.
  • Pencil x1 added.
  • Small piece of tape (e.g. electrical, masking) x1 added.
  • Thread x1 added.