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Zanco Tiny T1 Teardown Girişe yapılan değişiklikler

Düzenleyen: Arthur Shi

Düzenleme onaylandı tarafından Arthur Shi

There is no doubt a cutthroat arms race in the smartphone industry. Established giants such as Apple and Samsung push the limits with their flagship phones while fending off newer entries from Huawei and OnePlus. [ … ] At iFixit, we are seasoned veterans in tearing devices apart. And on the battlefield of consumer devices, we’ve seen pretty much everything. We did not, however, anticipate the appearance of the Tiny T1. Like a child oblivious of their surroundings, the T1 wanders onto the scene, ignoring the screen-to-body ratios and RAM capacity arms race. As it strolls past us, we snatch it up and subject it to an examination. It’s teardown time!