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Install CloudReady for Chrome Updates (or another OS) Girişe yapılan Değişiklikler

Düzenleyen: Kevin Purdy

Düzenleme onaylandı tarafından Kevin Purdy

[ ]Install CloudReady Home Edition (and Keep Getting Updates)
The [|original Chromebook Pixel], a high-powered Chromebook released in 2013, [|stopped receiving updates from Google in August 2018]. While the laptop still functions (and pretty well, considering how overpowered it was even for 2013), it no longer receives the newest features of Chrome OS, nor the important security updates issued for the OS and it Chrome browser. Plus, Google will keep reminding you with a little red notification that it has abandoned its promising early progeny. [ … ] This guide will help you get the Pixel modernized once more, with security updates and OS improvements. Best of all, hardly anything will change about the interface or system. We will install [|CloudReady Home Edition]. CloudReady, from Neverware, is meant to give older laptops and desktops a new life with a lightly modified version of [|Chromium OS], the open-source root of the Chrome OS companies put on Chromebooks. [ … ] The Chromebook Pixel isn’t listed on CloudReady’s list of officially supported devices, but given that it’s a Chromebook, it works entirely fine. I’ve used for four months as of this guide writing, and everything is functioning: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, touchpad, touchscreen and display, even the Linux system built into newer Chromebooks. You won’t get Android apps, but then Google never tried to make them work on the Pixel, either. [ … ] '''Important:''' You will have to [guide|86362|remove the Pixel’s write-protect screw] as a prerequisite to installing CloudReady. Luckily, the Pixel is an easy laptop to open up and get inside. Since you’re already opening it up, consider [guide|86369|a battery replacement] if your Pixel can barely live off the charger after 6 years.
[ ]To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.
[ ]The Chromebook Pixel no longer receives OS or critical security updates. Using a free, open-source version of Chrome OS, you can keep your Pixel in use.


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