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Beats Solo 3 Headband Replacement Girişe yapılan değişiklikler

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Fast FixBeats Solo3 Headband Replacement
If your Beats Solo3 Headband (Model: A1796) isn’t fitting comfortably when using it, due to a broken headband, use this guide to replace the headband.
The headband is the main support that connects both speakers, hoses the connecting wires from the left to the right sides of the head phone. It also give the rigid flex when the headphones is worn over the head.
To using this guide, be sure to have purchased the right part for your headphones at Typically, this device would be replaced but this is a cost efficient way to bring the device back to live.
to avoid any electrical failures, be sure to power off the device before starting the fix.
Time Required Min
10 dakika
15 dakika