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Power Macintosh G3 Blue and White Teardown Girişe yapılan değişiklikler

Düzenleyen: Chris Green

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The Powermac G3, apple's G3 Powerhouse. This computer Introduced the design that stuck until the powermac G5, but nowthis computer started the "Handle's" Trend, every powermac G3, G4,G3 G5, and Mac Pro now has handles. This computer boasted a 350Mhz, 400Mhz, and 450Mhz PowerPC G3 CPU. This cpu is incredibly easy to overclock, due to it's "clock-config" jumper convienlently located next to the CPU(though i don't encourage overclocking). This computer had blue plastic, resembelent of the iMac G3's and the iBook G3 Clamshells. It would have been great if Apple had made this is other colors, like the imac, a lime green Powermac G3 would rock!