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How To Repair A Baffle On A Patagonia Down Jacket Girişe yapılan değişiklikler

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[video|]Down jacket baffle repair overview.[/video]
The feathers insidein a down jacket need to be held in place or else they’dll all slide to the bottom of the jacket, leaving your upper torso and shoulders without insulation. The easiest method to prevent this is simply sewing the jacket’s outer and inner fabrics together with seams to keep the feathers from shifting about. While this type of construction solves the problem of feather migration, the seams and corresponding holes in the fabric allow moisture and cold air to penetrate the jacket, decreasing the down’s insulating efficiency. Many Patagonia jackets incorporate internal baffles to keep the down from shifting. The baffle acts like a shelf inside your jacket to hold the down insulation while eliminating the need for seams that pierce both the internal and external fabric. While this is a more complicated construction method, the performance of the finished jacket is greatly improved.This guide shows you how to repair a non-lined portion of your jacket. If you’re not sure whether or not you jacket is lined, or you have a lined jacket, complete our [guide|12624|Opening a Patagonia Down Jacket Guide] before you follow the steps in this guide.


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