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Disassembling Canon PowerShot SX200 IS Girişe yapılan değişiklikler

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A faulty LCD screen is easy to replace. If you have a stuck lens, complete lens assemblies have been seen on eBay for around £25 and can be fitted quite easily. If you have unreliable buttons, you may be able to cannibalise the parts from another camera of the same model with a different fault.
Disassembly of the lens is an advanced operation only to be undertaken if you have a flair for understanding intricate mechanisms and can devote as much time as it takes. At the end of the guide I simply share a few key tips to get you started.
The only essential tool is a small cross-head precision screwdriver. It's essential to remember which screws came from where. You can use a couple of 7-day pill boxes, noting which compartments contain the screws from which steps, or stick the screws to a piece of paper with Blu-tack, noting the step number against each.
This camera contains many ribbon cables which need to be disconnected and reconnected. theThe connectors are of 3 types:
* In most, the end of the ribbon simply pushes into a socket. Usually, there are rigid tabs on either side of the ribbon which you can pull or push on with a small flat screwdriver, and/or a hole in the centre of the ribbon which you can get some purchase on with a tiny flat screwdriver. (Don't use a pin or other sharp object as you might scratch and sever a trace on a circuit board underneath.)
* Just one ribbon is like the previous type but there's a black clamping bar which must be lifted with your fingernail in order to release the cable. Make sure it's up before trying to reinsert the ribbon.
* Several ribbons (on the main logic board) use snap-on connectors. Pull them off with a fingernail under a corner. When you reconnect them, ensure they are correctly aligned and press firmly. They should snap home quite positively.
"Left" and "right" in this guide are as viewed from behind the camera.


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