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(Temporary fix) Pioneer VSX-918V Volume Control Response Problems Repair
'''WARNING! This guide involves working with high voltage equipment. Use your head, and don't try this if you're squeamish of high voltage! I am not responsible for injury or death! Also, do not use this as a professional fix. It's not a proper solution to the problem. You need to replace the switch to do this correctly.'''
'''Disclaimer: I intend this to be a temporary repair, at best. This is probably not going to last as long as you want it to in certain cases, and in some cases the switch may even be beyond help. I can not and will not warrant this solution to the problem. This did work for me on this example, but it isn't go to save every single example of this problem. In other words, if the switch was abused then you should just replace the board. It's not going to last, but if you have a non abused unit, this may do it.'''
'''WARNING! This guide involves working with high voltage equipment! I '''WILL NOT''' be responsible for injury or death if you do something stupid! If you are in doubt, have the unit fixed professionally.'''
'''Professional use: This fix is not recommended for professional use. This is because the unit will likely fail again and come back. Because of this it is recommended you replace the control board itself rather then use this guide to do the repair professionally.'''
Did your Pioneer VSX-918 series receiver have this issue out of the blue, and are wondering what you can do to repair the unit and get it back in service? This guide will show you a way to quickly repair the problem if you need to quickly repair the issue and can't wait on new parts.
The primary problem with this method is longevity. There is no way to predict if the problem will come back, or when it will come back. This can fix the problem for the remainder of the receiver's life, long enough to get a new board or for a short amount of time before you have the problem come back. It may not even fix the problem at all.
Time Required Min
2 saat
Time Required Max
2 saat
Is your Pioneer VSX-918V918 series receiver giving you problems with the controls? Here's a way to do a quick fix it. It will work in a pinch and get ityou going until, but you can actually replace the partshould only use this fix as a temporary repair.