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Cleaning the volume control potentiometer on the Pioneer VSX-918V receiver
Volume Control Potentiometer Cleaning
=== Guide warnings ===
* You will be working with high voltage equipment. I am not responsible for any attained injuries (or your stupidity).
* Use common sense when following this guide. '''If you are questioning your ability to complete this repair, let a professional handle it.'''
** '''Professionals: This is not a long term fix.''' This is a fix a home user can attempt where the stakes are low and the worst that happens is the problem is not fixed or the board is required. These boards should be replaced if you are doing a professional repair.
'''Read me: Before attempting this repair, read the provided guide notes for critical information.'''

If your Pioneer VSX-918V seriesSeries receiver has developed control problems and would like to try and fix the problem without a new board, thisit may be possible to fix the problem without new parts. This guide will show you how to disassemble the receiver and use contact cleaner to try and restore functionalityclean the potentiometer so it works again without new paers.
=== Read meGuide notes ===
* '''There is NO GUARANTEE this will work on every receiver, nor will. I also do not guarantee the lifespan of this repair's lifespan.'''
* ThisWhile this fix may lastrepair it for the remainingrest of the life of these receivers, the receiver, while others willunit may fail a second timeagain if the potentiometer was damaged by the previous owner if it was pushed to work and the problem was never fixed.
* '''This fix will not fix 100% of the receivers with this problemtime. If this fails to fix itdoes not work, the problemboard is deeper then dirty contactsdamaged and needs to be repaired or replaced.'''


  • DeoxIT x1 Recommended replacement for RadioShack control contact cleaner. (featured) added.
  • RadioShack Control Contact Cleaner x1 CAUTION: May not be available much longer. added.
  • DeoxIT x1 RadioShack Anti-Corrosive Lubricant spray can be used in place. (featured) removed.
  • RadioShack Control Contact Cleaner x1 removed.