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(Temporary fix) Pioneer VSX-918 Control Response Problems
Cleaning the potentiometers on the Pioneer VSX-918 receiver
'''WARNING! This guide involves working with high voltage equipment! I WILL NOT be responsible for injury or death if you do something stupid! If you are in doubt, have the unit fixed professionally.'''
'''Professional use: This fix is not recommended for professional use. This is because the unit will likely fail again and come back. Because of this it is recommended you replace the control board itself rather then use this guide to do the repair professionally.'''
Did your Pioneer VSX-918 series receiver have this issue out of the blue, and are wondering what you can do to repair the unit and get it back in service? This guide will show you a way to quickly repair the problem if you need to quickly repair the issue and can't wait on new parts.
The primary problem with this method is longevity. There is no way to predict if the problem will come back, or when it will come back. This can fix the problem for the remainder of the receiver's life, long enough to get a new board or for a short amount of time before you have the problem come back. It may not even fix the problem at all.
== Guide warnings ==
* You will be working with high voltage equipment. I am not responsible for any deaths injuries attained while performing this procedure (or your stupidity).
* Use common sense when following this guide. If you are questioning your ability to complete this repair, it is best to have a professional do the job.
* '''Professionals:''' This is not a long term fix. It is meant for the home user to fix their receiver with minimal cost. For the sake of not having the issue come back, it is best to replace the failed board in question. As such, I do not recommend using it as a standard fix in a business.
If your Pioneer VSX-918 series receiver has developed control problems and you would like to avoid replacing the bad board unless you have to, this guide will show you how to use contact cleaner to try and repair the old board you have without a complete replacement.
While this fix is likely to work, the remaining use of the old board is not guaranteed. In some cases, the board will never fail again and may even last the life of the receiver. In other cases, the failure will reappear and you will need to replace the failed control board to fix the issue. In other cases, your board may be beyond repair.
Is your Pioneer VSX-918 series receiver giving you problems with the controls? Here's a way to do a quick fix. It will work in a pinch and get you going, but you should only use this fix as a temporary repair.
NOTE: TEMPORARY FIX. Is your Pioneer VSX-918 receiver have control problems? This guide will show you how to fix the problem without purchasing new parts.