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== Guide warnings ==
* You will be working with high voltage equipment. I am not responsible for any attained injuries (or your stupidity).
* Use common sense when following this guide. '''If you are questioning your ability to complete this repair, it is best to havelet a professional do the jobhandle it.'''
** '''Professionals:''' This is not a long term fix. It''' This is meant for thea fix a home user to fix their receiver with minimal cost. Forcan attempt where the sake ofstakes are low and the worst that happens is the problem is not havingfixed or the issue come back, itboard is best to replace the failed board in questionrequired. As such,These boards should be replaced if you are doing I do not recommend using it asa professional repair.standard fix in a business
If your Pioneer VSX-918V series receiver has developed control problems and would like to try and fix the problem without a new board, this guide will show you how to use contact cleaner to try and restore functionality.
=== Read me ===
'''Note: WhileThere is NO GUARANTEE this fix is likely towill work on every receiver, nor will I do not guarantee the life of the repaired board or that this will even work at all. Somerepair's lifespan.'''
* This
may last for the remaining life of the receiver, while others will fail again and need replacement.a second time.
* '''This will not
Thisfix 100% of the receivers with this problem. If this fails to fix it, the problem is deeper then dirty contacts.may not work at all'''
To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.
NOTE: During reassembly, the zipties on the fan must be replaced. Forgetting to do this may cause the wires to jam the fan and put the receiver in protection mode.