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[title] Final Thoughts
[* black] The Mate 10 Pro earns a ***6 out of 10*** on our repairability scale (10 is the easiest to repair):
- [* green] very few screws, only phillips
- [* green] USB and motherboard easy to remove
- [* yellow] only one big cable
- [* red] front camera stays put
- [* red] display repair means taking all components out and if not pried out in pieces also replace the whole frame with the front camera attached.
+ [* green] Despite the IP67 sealing the back cover is fairly easy to open.
+ [* green] The Mate 10 Pro has very few screws, and those are only Phillips.
+ [* green] The USB port, loudspeaker and motherboard are easy to remove.
+ [* yellow] With only one big cable the Mate 10 Pro is clearly arranged. Although the cable is soldered to the USB port.
+ [* red] A damaged front camera means switching the whole display including the frame.
+ [* red] And replacing the display means taking out all of components.