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[* black] Last but far from least, hovering near the SSD slots, we have two custom Apple chips:
[* red] Apple T2 339S00467 layered over SK Hynix [|H9HKNNNBRUMUVR|new_window=true]-NLH LPDDR4
[* orange] Apple 338S00268—this would appear to be the [|rumored A10 Fusion coprocessor|new_window=true], first seen in the [guide|67382|iPhone 7|stepid=136535|new_window=true], although the package markings are a bit different.
[* icon_note] The successor to the T1 chip introduced in 2016's MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, the T2 is tasked here with all the functions of the SMC, image signal processing for the camera, audio control, SSD controller, Secure Enclave, and a hardware encryption engine. Whew!
[* black] The downside to all this added functionality and security is [|a major headache if your iMac Pro ever has to be restored|new_window=true].

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