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Adım Satırları

-[* black] Insert wisdom here.
+[* black] Remove the battery by lifting it ''away'' from the speaker and logic board area.
+ [* icon_caution] Take care not to drag the battery over the lower case assembly, or you may damage the speakers or flex cables.
+[* icon_reminder] Before installing your new battery, remove all the remaining adhesive from the MacBook's case.
+ [* black] Peel off larger pieces of adhesive using tweezers or gloved fingers.
+ [* black] Scrape away any remaining adhesive with a plastic tool, and clean the underlying areas with adhesive remover or isopropyl alcohol. Wipe in one direction, not back and forth, until all the adhesive residue is gone.
+ [* icon_note] This can take quite a bit of work, so be patient.