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[* black] The friendly green tab says, "由此拉起可拆出电池".
[* icon_note] This translates to, "Pull up and out to remove the battery".
[* icon_note] This does ***not*** translate to, "battery is not removable", as written in English in the bottom right corner of the battery.
+[* black] Despite inconsistent text, this battery should be consistently easy to remove with that pull tab. Here OnePlus decidedly one-ups [guide|98093|its|stepid=180041|new_window=true] [guide|104308|competition|stepid=195675|new_window=true].
+[* black] The battery falls behind in capacity, running at 3.85 V and 3300 mAh, for 12.70 Wh. This is slightly under the latest Samsung S9+ and Google Pixel 2 XL.