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[title] Disable Auto Boot
[* icon_note] Before starting this procedure, you must disable your Mac's '''Auto Boot''' feature. Auto Boot powers on your Mac when you open the lid, and may be accidentally triggered during disassembly. [guide|110034|Use this guide] or follow the abbreviated instructions below to disable Auto Boot.
[* black] Power on your Mac and launch '''Terminal'''.
[* black] Copy and paste the following command (or type it exactly) into Terminal:
[* black] '''sudo nvram AutoBoot=%00'''
[* black] Press '''[return]'''. If prompted, enter your administrator password and press '''[return]''' again. ''Note: Your return key may also be labeled ⏎ or "enter."''
[* icon_note] You can now safely power down your Mac and open the bottom case, without it accidentally powering on.
[* icon_reminder] When your repair is complete and your Mac is successfully reassembled, re-enable Auto Boot with the following command:
[* black] '''sudo nvram AutoBoot=%03'''