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[* black] We open up [guide|92171|last year's 13" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar|new_window=true] for a quick comparison—and if we were to judge a MacBook by its cover, we'd say these were the same machine.
[* black] [|Apple says this butterfly keyboard is a bit quieter, but otherwise unchanged|new_window=true]. After banging away at the keys in a side-by-side sound-off, we definitely perceive a lower, less clacky ''tone'', but any difference in decibels is difficult to detect.
[* icon_note] Of course, if you saw [|our early report on the 15" model|new_window=true], you probably already know where this is going. No reading ahead! We're getting to that.
[* black] The biggest change so far: a new model number—A1989, and EMC 3214.
[* black] X-rays also show the return of the modular headphone jack, and provide a peep at the Thunderbolt hardware—which [|now runs at full speed on all four ports|new_window=true], thanks in part to the 8th-gen Core processor's four additional PCIE lanes.

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