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11. Adımdaki Değişiklikler

Düzenleyen: Sam Goldheart

Düzenleme onaylandı tarafından Sam Goldheart


Adım Satırları

[* black] And for our desert course we have: a brand new USB-C power adapter!
[* black] The A/C adapter included with this 13" MacBook Pro does indeed sport the new model number A1947, so it's time to bust out the ultrasonic cutter and go to town.
[* black] After clawing painfully through more layers and rubberized filler than we've ever seen in one of these things, we finally free the internals.
[* black] Opening the previous adapter was a walk in the park compared to this unit, but it does look like this model benefits from some additional shielding and impact-resistant foam rubber.