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-[* black] Apply several drops of isopropyl alcohol to the black chip installed on the motherboard.
-[* icon_note] Isopropyl alcohol is used to help dissolve flux when micro-soldering. It allows the user to scrub flux off of the logic board. The alcohol will evaporate and helps clean off the logic board without leaving water or other corrosive elements.
-[* black] Use tweezers to remove the tristar chip from the logic board.
+[* black] Place a heat shield over the other parts of the motherboard to avoid overheating.
+[* black] Heat the affected area with a heat gun to reflow the solder.
+ [* icon_note] Reflowing heats up all the soldering joints in an area so they become liquid enough to reinforce the bonds. This allows electricity to flow through the bond without unexpected resistance.