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9. Adımdaki Değişiklikler

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[* black] Remove the seat back mounting parts on the floor the vehicle.
[* black] This requires the use of the 10 mm triple square driver. Be sure to use a good one here.
[* black] I've tried a number of triple square drivers over the years, mostly with poor results. Good ones are expensive!
[* black] Here's a rather inexpensive triple square driver set (around $30): [|VIMXZN100 from Amazon]
[* black] I had a set from SK Tools that was very poor - the drivers were very loose when you put them in the bolt head you were trying to remove. They'd slip and strip the head of the bolt. Not recommended!
[* black] Please note that these bolts are extremely tight and difficult to remove. It's not that their just tight, they have lock-tight or something on them that make them hard to remove all together. They don't just "break loose".
[* black] The official VW repair manual states these bolts are to be replaced and not re-used. VW part number for these: N 910 260 01 (These appear to be superceded by N91026003 - available for $1.14 each from [|Sutliff VW]).